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HSM Integration and Customization

Integration with FIPS and CC certified HSM shall ensure prefect compliance

Vast experiences in integrating with major HSM providers (e.g. Luna / PSE2/3 / PayShield / nShield / SE Server / Atalla, including HSM SDK integration to customize HSM that support the capabilities) and USB-based PKI tokens. We also has experience in direct integration with smart card via low-level APDU.

Classical and Post Quantum Cryptography

Cipher is designed to be future-proofed to ensure business continuity without sacrificing security

We are pioneering in Malaysia Post Quantum Cryptography scene by working with teams of expert comprises of academic researchers and experienced security system architects & engineers ensure pre (classical) and Post Quantum Cryptography is integrated into business via the most seemless way.

High Speed, Redundant and distributed CA system for IoT

Distributed CA for distributed tiny devices on the move

The emergence of tiny internet connected devices requires a new Certificate Authority operation model which traditionally is centralized and protected by 10 layers of firewalls with biometric authentication. IoT devices commonly short-live and mobile nature has produced an opportunity for a better management model of the certificate issuance and distribution.

Securing Today For A Better Tomorrow

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